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This cage is starting to look like home

Berlioz, apparently
You probably don't know me. I'm a perpetual lurker, you see. Essentially harmless, simultaneously wanting to be involved and fearing the consequences of said involvement.

Music is where I hide. I'm also an unashamed cute!gamer, content to spend hour upon hour planning farm layouts, collecting eggs, milking cows, digging up fossils, and battling gym leaders. It's a tough (and varied) life :3

On the fannish side of things, at the moment I'm particularly into Harry Potter, Buffy, and the Ace Attorney game series, and I lean towards the everyone/everyone bent in terms of shipping, because I am greedy and indecisive like that :D That said, I do have two actual OTPs that I tend to spam the hell out of - Ginny/Luna (HP) and Adrian/Franziska (AA) - so you may want to bear that in mind if you don't fancy excessive amounts of fic featuring these two pairings turning up on your flist :D

I like new friends! However, I must admit that I suffer from very intense social anxiety (otherwise known as being "excessively, stupidly shy"), so sometimes I might seem quite aloof or rude, but please don't feel it's personal. It's me, not you.

If you do get some bizarre urge to friend me, feel free. I'd be completely honoured ♥

(P.S., oh, and in case you're wondering: I am over 18, but don't like to put my birth date in my profile for privacy/security reasons, which I hope you'll understand.)

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